•  A new propane furnace has been installed at the parsonage.
  • The 2022 budget for the church and parsonage repairs is established.
  • Thank you Tammy Meyer for serving as the treasurer for the Board of Trustees.
  • The trustees are evaluating all church property.  Proposed projects for the next three years are being planned.
  • ​The next Trustee meeting will be March 21 at 6pm in the Price Fellowship Hall.

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Westville March 2022 News


CHURCH COUNCIL will meet Monday evening , March 21st at 7pm

Board of Trustees will meet Monday evening, March 21stat 6pm

Hello March!!  So happy it is  here with it's promise of spring season beginning soon!  With birds singing and flowers blooming, reminds me of just how wonderful our God is!



Birthdays & Anniversarys


Church Mice & Youth Group

Sunday March 20th - Activities & lunch right after church.

It has been stated that order is made out of chaos.  This is most certainly true in the Westville UM Church library.  When our dear Melanie McKenzie was shown the library room, and she was told that this room needs a lot of work, she had a smile spread across her face and she asked, "Would anyone care if I worked in here and cleaned and organized everything?"  Since there were books and materials just plunked down everywhere, items stored which had nothing to do with the library and serious work which needed to be done, a look of absolute disbelief was shown to her.  The next words stated after a disbelief and recovery time were, "Oh Melanie, how wonderful that you would even want to attempt this project."  Well, day by day and week by week Melanie has sorted, organized, cataloged and with a smile on her face has even stated how much she has enjoyed working on this project.  The entire church family so appreciates all your work, Melanie, and we extend to you our "Joyous Thank You!"


Give It Up

Consider giving up something that distracts from your important relationships: like too much time on Twitter or Clash of Clans

Maybe cut out screen usage for several hours a day.

Take a day of true rest: let go of toil for 24 hours.

Evelyn Bibb
2Bob Roush
3Jasmine McCall
6Frank Hess
Randy MacGillivray
11Becca Bayman
 16Bart Ward
17John & Shirley Steinberger
18Melanie McKenzie
 21Steve McCall
22John Laramee

Lent is the period of 40 days leading up to Easter.  It is a time of preparation and focus, reminiscent of Jesus' time in the wilderness before he started his public ministry (See Mark 1, Matthew 4, or Luke 4)  We believe that Jesus went to the wilderness to set aside the distractions of normal, "worldly" life and focus on God and God's will for him.  So we attempt to do the same during Lent.


  • Usher/Greeter
  • Communion Servers
  • Children's Sermons
  • Children's Church
  • Special Music

Please contact the office


Lent is a season of focus and preparation.  It aligns our hearts with God's heart as we approach Easter.  The following are just a few ways to focus and prepare.

Inspiring Sights


Westville United Methodist Women​​

The next WUMW meeting will be Wednesday, April 6th at 1pm in the Fellowship Hall.​​

Our library is now open!  The hours are 30 minutes before and after Sunday worship, so come in and find a book to take home for a couple of weeks to read!  So far I have cataloged: 182 Fiction, 47 Biographies, 428 Non-Fiction, 59 Children's Fiction, 47 Music CDs, 65 Audio CDs, 8 DVDs, 8 DVD Movies.  We received 25 book donations for a total of 78 donations, thank you everyone who donated.

The past month the library purchased 4 books and here are 2 of them.  The first one id "The Great Farmapalooza" where the barn yard animals are having a farmapalooza to celebrate God's great love and goodness!  Lift the flaps to find each thankful animal who is in the barnyard full off praise.

The second book is "The Reason for my Hope: Salvation" by Billy Graham.  What is the most hopeful word in history, Salvation.  IF we don't think we need salvation, we're fooling ourselves.  If we think we are beyond salvation, we're underestimating God.  IF we just don't want to think about salvation, we're putting ourselves in eternal peril.  "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved" (Acts 16:31)

Hopefully by the end of this month I should have all the non-fiction books and children's books cataloged and shelved.  I do have all the donated books shelved and cataloged.  I will then move on to the Youth and Teaching Resources Sections.

There are so many books I want to read but Terry keeps repeating to me that I can "only bring home and read one book at a time".  what a party pooper.  Haha!

So, what will be the first book you will borrow?

Plug In 

Consider adding in something that helps you connect with God.

Read a book of the Bible, a devotional, or practice Lectio Divina on a daily basis.


Start a new routine of service.

Volunteer regularly as an academic mentor, step up to volunteer in a local church, or visit a nursing home.

Share it 

Make it a communal event.

Share your Lent practices with others via a small group and/or attending worship.