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3Bonnie W 
4Elliot W
4Anthony W
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6Taylor C
8Dave L
8Pat L
10Audrey L
12Zack Mc
13 Alex W
13Zack B
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14Barbara P

Jeff C

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CHURCH COUNCIL will meet Monday evening , October 19th at 7pm

The 2nd annual Fall Weiner Roast will be held at Bill and Jeanie Tullis' house on Saturday, October 10th at a time to be determined.  We had a great time last year and there's plenty of room outside to social distance.  Question?  Get with Tammy, Marsha or Bill and Jeanie.


UPDATE!!  THe fall weiner roast is being rescheduled.  Stay tuned!!

ZOOM is being used for a Bible Study and Tuesday game nights and may be used more in the future.

 Church Trustees News

September 2020

  • Stidham's bid was accepted for a new metal roof
  • Two first aid kits have been purchased and placed in the church

The Trustees will next meet on October 19, 2020 at 6 pm in the Price Fellowship Hall


  • ​​There will be NO HARVEST FESTIVAL this year.
  • Our November 3rd Election Day meal has been changed this year to a $10 pre-ordered, drive-thru, carryout dinner

​Baked chicken

Mashed potatoes

​Green beans


Pumpkin Pie

  • Text pre-orders to Kathie MacGillivray at 937/207-6002 no later than October 28th.
  • Pickup will be on Nov 3rd, Election day from 4-6 pm.  It will be a drive thru at the fellowship door.
  • ​It was voted upon and approved to withdraw from the national and district levels of the UMW
  • We have offered to pay for some housecleaning services for the Parsonage

Birthdays & Anniversarys

It was voted and approved to host a Boy Scout Troop.  The leaders will be Archie Glidden, Amanda McCall and Jennifer Lutz.

If you would like to stay abreast of church events, please advise the office you would like to be put on the One Call.  This is a calling service the church uses to advise and remind of upcoming events.  We also have a prayer chain that calls with prayer requests  if your phone number has changed or you no longer have a landline, please notify the office of your new number.  We are happy to include all who wish to participate.  937/653-6283

United Methodist Women


Prayer requests

Victims of Hurricane Laura, Gloria Ward, Lana Kissling, Barbara Polsley,
Rachel & Tim McCall, Missy Tingley-breast cancer surgery, Terry McKenzie,
Belize and TFOCC, Betty Brown-appt, Scott Brown-cancer, Stu Hess &
Cheryl Hess, Jay Lewis-infection after hip surgery, Marsha & Zack
Bumgardner, Chris McCall-Army, Beverly Bonar-surgery recovery, Our
Community, our children, our schools, Marvin Faulkner-chemo, Leila
Glidden-fibromyalgia, Peggy Seeberg, Unspoken, Rich Dickert-stroke, Ken
Moak, Jerry & Joyce McKeever, Corona virus victims and families, Our
Nation, David Stewart-cancer treatment, Unspoken Requests, Peg Henning’s
sister Pat-Lyme Disease, an anonymous gentleman with Melanoma, Travel
mercies, George Bugg-air force, Unspoken, Revive Champaign County,
Unspoken-Depression, Drug Addiction, Christine Stegner, Grandchildren-
wise decisions, unsaved spouses of Christians, Persons with no family or
someone to talk to, Children & grandchildren, Shut-Ins, College Students,
Our Military and their families
Those battling Cancer - Pat Flanigan, Ronald Goddard-rectal, Andy Detwiler-
esophageal, Larrissa Boggs-breast, Betty Brown-melanoma, Gloria Ward, ,
Doug Lanich-prostate, Beverly Bonar, Marvin Faulkner, Joe McKeever,
Darrell Sparks- Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Pat Wilson,-breast cancer, Dale
Church, Wayne Karges-lymph node cancer, Reed Sour, Jordan Grubbs-
testicular cancer, Lilli Vitale, Bruce Sliker, Rob Trimmer, Peggy Seeberg-
lymphoma, David Stewart, Kristina Parsons, Roger Terry, Robyn DiMichael,
Eric Tobert, Amy Forrest, and their caregivers.


​Rita Woodard - no cancer


An adult Sunday school class has been started.  They are meeting on Sunday mornings immediately after church.  They will be using the book, Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven by David Jeremiah

October 2020 Newsletter


Thank you Pastor Del for all you do!

The Nominations committee has met.  They will be contacting some of you for the open positions available.  Please prayerfully consider answering this call of ministry.


Sherri Blackwell, Concord UMC pastor, will be the presiding elder for Charge Conference.  The date is yet to be determined.


We have been watching, closely reports about the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the summer.  As of the end of August, the pandemic continues to take about 1000 American lives each day, and gathering in large groups continues to put people at risk of contracting the disease.  The State of Ohio discourages any mass gatherings and limits travel to Ohio from any state with a positivity rate of 15% or higher.  Furthermore, Montgomery County, in which the Seminary is located, is under public emergency level 3 (out of 4), making it among the highest risk counties in Ohio.

In order to protect the health of everyone concerned, we have made the difficult decision to offer this year's Holy Spirit Seminar (Dec. 4,2020) Livestream, as opposed to in person.  Dr. Peter Bellini will be hosting the event on the same date at a reduced rate, Livestream.  We are hoping to have Dr. Mark Chironna come in person to lead the Holy Spirit Seminar in 2021.

Stay tuned for more announcements for registration for the Holy Spirit Seminar 2020 Livestream with Dr. Pete Bellini.


  • Grafton UMC filled 200 backpacks for Belize.  Westville UMC contributed cards, toothbrushes, hand puzzles, combs, hand towels and Band-Aids.  we also sent balloons, face paint, 16 boxes of clothing, 3 boxes of books, 5 boxes of blankets, 4 boxes of shoes and a variety of craft supplies, kitchen utensils and misc personal supplies.  A church in Columbus brought over 15 cases of bibles.  We filled the last two rows of the trailer.

Thanks to Steve Polsley for driving a trailer to Pennsylvania.  Thank you all for your contributions.  They are very much appreciated.  Some of us are looking forward to a time when we are able to return to Belize.

You may continue to follow on Facebook at TFOCC or Sowing Seeds in Belize.  They each, also, have websites where you can find their mission statements.


Pvt McCall, Jasmine
A Co, 2-13th INF REGT
4384 Magruder Ave
Ft Jackson, SC  29207-6809

Pvt Bumgardner, Zachary

Coming home very soon!!


Bugg, George C
PSC Box 7079 APO

Blake Speakman
113 Little Bay Avenue
Apt F
Yorktowne, VA  23693

Capt Ken Moak, Jr
APO – AE 08306