Birthdays & Anniversarys

CHURCH COUNCIL will meet Monday evening , July 19th at 7pm

Paola Bellini Wyrick is our new assistant pastor.  She has finished her first year of seminary with a grade average of 4.0.  She will be on the church's Facebook page and preaching from time to time for us.

Again, we will be partnering with Sowing Seeds in Belize this year.  They will be sending a container to which we will be contributing.

In an effort to bring more uniformity and streamline the process to make it easier for those donating, we will be doing things a little bit differently for the 2021 celebration.  We will be collecting drawstring bags filled with age and gender specific necessities and gifts.  The kids love to get a bag filled with needed, useful and a bit of fun things!  The process is simple, just follow the links below to be part of the 2021 celebration...

https://www.sowingseedsin belize.com/christmas

or pick up a printed list in the fellowship hall.  The bags should measure 39 cm/15.4 inches by 34cm/13.8 inches.

There is also a wish list for the container ministry (also in fellowship hall)

Thank You

a BIG thank you to Rick Bailey for our Sunday morning breakfasts!!

Also a Big thank you to all those that helped with Vacation Bible School

The UMYF will be having a car wash immediately after church on Sunday the 11th.  It will last until 1pm.  Hot dogs and refreshments will be provided.

They also will be spending an afternoon at Jake & Terrie's lake after Sunday service July 18th.  There are plans for a fun filled afternoon.  The congregation is invited.  Please advise Marsha if you will be attending.


Westville JULY 2021 News

Happy4th of July!!

Vacation Bible School

VBS was a success!!! Fun and learning was had by all.  Their collection will be sent to Belize. 

We will resume passing the attendance pads and the offertory plate in July

Communion will resume in August

Our church will be making a $1000 donation to Operation Rebirth

29Charles Glover
30Peter & Maria Bellini
31Lenny & Zoe Faulkner



Angelena Humphrey
 Bill & Jeanie Tullis
2Maria Bellini
 3Paola Bellini
9Gail Wilson
10Dick Smith
14Leila Glidden
 16Dena Wilson
17Daniel & Myra Gilbert
18Eryn Smith
 21Jay & Penny Underwood
24Joyce Luse
25Donna Smith
26Jeff & Gail Cain
 Jerry & Toni Cain

 Church Trustees News

July 2021 Update

  • The drain across the driveway has been cleaned
  • Carpet at the Narthex entry has been pressure washed
  • Batteries in all exit lights will be replaced
  • One of five of the church AC Units is not functioning
  • The air conditioning in the parsonage is under review
  • A new screen door has been installed at the parsonage front entrance, thanks to Bev Bonar
  • There is a bad section on the garage roof that will need attention
  • The concrete apron and sidewalk at the rental will be removed /replaced, our only cost will be for materials

The Trustees will next meet on July 19, 2021 at 6 pm in the Price Fellowship Hall


Westville United Methodist Women

​​The UMW has been busy even though the virus has kept us from meeting on a regular basis.  We miss being together, but we have participated in or finished several projects and missions.

Listed are some of the projects and mission paid for or accomplished by the group​.

  • ​Landscaping of the church property
  • Parsonage updates including new floor in family room and remodeling of the small bathroom
  • During shutdown, several meals were prepared and delivered to members and non members in the area just to let them know we were thinking of them
  • Helped a family with rent so they could get back on their feet
  • Provided food and gifts for 2  young people whose mother had cancer and then passed away.
  • Mixed, shaped, baked, wrapped 350 individual ham loaves as a fund raiser
  • Prepared and served two funeral dinners
  • Made and sent out 118 Easter cards
  • Started cleaning the church kitchen
  • Prepared and served the Strawberry Carry Out Dinner

​We truly appreciate each and everyone who helped with these endeavors, either physically, monetarily or by praying for us.

We would like to invite every woman of the church to join us for our meetings and missions.

Our next UMW will meet Wednesday, July 7th at 1pm in the Fellowship hall.  We will gold a meeting and then hope to spend a little time doing some more cleaning the kitchen.  We want to serve and honor God in any way we can.  Hope to see you there!