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Lane Speakman
2Dawn Flanigan Lininger
10Patty Brown
11Lori Stickley

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13George Bugg
15Sandi Maynard

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25Jay Underwood

Jimmy Stickley III
31Anita James

activities planned over the next month.  We will have a meeting on March 7 from 4-6pm.  We will be having nachos and working on our Easter Sunrise Service.  On Saturday, March 13th from 4 to 7pm we will be having Movie night with the small children of the church.  We will be offering daycare service to parents so that they can have a night out!  We will be watching a movie and having snacks and playing games.  All are welcome to join in.

The youth group will also be having a Sunrise Service on April 4th starting at 7:30.  We hope you will all come join us in the wonderful celebration of Jesus!

CHURCH COUNCIL will meet Monday evening , March 15th at 7pm

The Boy Scout Troop Pack 258. 

  • Meets Tuesday, March 9th
  • Meets March 23rd
  • ​6:30 - 8:00

A diciple is dedicated.  Their life is centered on their church.  They have had a transforming spiritual experience centered on Jesus Christ.  They want to learn all they can.  They attend bible study regularly and study the bible on their own time.  They may also attend prayer groups, volunteer at soup kitchens or food pantries.  They seek to become more like Christ each day.

ould you like to become a disciple?  Let's talk about it.

The youth group is off to a good start.  We have lots of


Disciple or member?

One of the problems of modern churches is that we spend too much time making members and not nearly enough time in making disciples.  Members of churches are just like those of clubs.  They attend when they can and are active when their schedule allows.  They support their club and make small sacrifices when they can.  It is part of their life but it is not the center of their life.  People will get involved in activities when it is convenient.

1Evelyn Bibb
2Bob Roush
3Adam Zook
4Jasmine McCall
6Frank Hess
10Randy MacGillivray
11Becca Bayman
12Robin DeStefano
16Bart Ward
18John & Shirly Steinberger
19Jennifer Kirkham
21Robin Underwood

Melanie McKenzie

Steve McCall
22John Larmee
25Hunter Randall


Pvt McCall, Jasmine
New address in Korea pending


Bugg, George C
New address pending

1Jerry Cain

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2Jake Conley
6Sonny Shirk
9Jeanie Tullis

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11Julia Monroe

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12Marilyn Organ
13Becky Maxwell

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14Jeanette Mouton
15CJ Wilson

CJ & Jim Wilson

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19Glenna Stickley
20Jennifer Coey

Joe Wilson
22John McNeely

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23Kelly McIntosh
24Robin Morgan

Jared McNeely
Emily Daulton
​Katie McCall


Birthdays & Anniversarys

Westville 2021 News



So in Christ we who are many are one body, and each member belongs to one another.  Romans 12:5

No matter where you are these days, your Westville United Methodist Church family loves and misses you.  Until we are together again, we would like to exchange a virtual greeting and a smile.

Please send a photo, your name and a brief greeting to share with your church family to the church email westvilleumc@ctcn.net  These images and greeting will be shared during Sunday service announcements.

Along with your photo please submit contact information such as an address, email and phone number.  This information will not be projected and will be used to update our church directory.

As you receive this information, please reach out to another and encourage them to join us in the Great Smile Share of 2021!


Junior Church

We have started offering Junior church during the church service for those that would like to participate.  After the children's sermon we will be downstairs.  We will be spending the time learning about Jesus, singing and doing projects.  We are in need of volunteers to help with Junior church.  If you would like to volunteer please see Marsha Bumgardner.


Parents, the Youth Group would like to invite your children to come hang out with them.  We will be offering our services to you so that you can have a night out!  We will have food, games and we will be watching the movie - HOP!  The date is March 13 from 4 to 7pm!  Please let one of the youth members or Marsha Bumgardner know if your children would like to attend.  We can't wait to have them join us for an evening of fun!! 

If you have any questions, please contact Marsha at 937/215-6408.  Hope to see you there!

 Church Trustees News

March 2021 Update

  • There was no Trustee meeting in February due to the weather;
  •  The annual walkthru of the parsonage has been completed and there are several items that need updated 
  • A new metal roof has been installed on the entire chruch;
  • We are researching the feasibility of a security system;
  • Nightlight of first addition outside was replaced with LED:
  • Street light was repaired by DP&L through the township;
  • ​Light bulb under the portico was replaced;
  • The water heater element was replaced in the parsonage;
  • Furnaces at the church have been checked and 3 filters replaced.

The Trustees will next meet on March 15, 2021 at 6 pm in the Price Fellowship Hall


Westville United Methodist Women

​​​We decided not to make the books this year.  Instead we will provide everyone with a list of the groups with leaders and members names and phone numbers.

Our meetings are usually the first Wednesday of the month at the church.  OUr next meeting is April 7th at 1:00 pm at the church.

We are also planning to do a Strawberry Supper as carry out in June.  Watch the bulletin and newsletter for information.