•  PAR Asphalt Maintenance and marking will be sealing and painting the church parking lot as soon as their schedule allows
  • The new copper propane gas line running from the church to the parsonage is going to be buried. 
  • The next Trustee meeting will be May 16 at 6:00 pm in the Price Fellowhship Hall.


Doug Lanich
 Dayna Flanigan
6Aaron Dobyns
7Jenniffer McCall

Tim McCall
 Shirly Steinberger
11 Doug & Pat Lanich
 12 Adam Ward
  Ethan Hess
15 Tammy Meyer
 17 Ralph & Carol Wilson
  Joe & Lisa McKeever
18  Gus Ward
21  Wayne Sliker

Stuart Hess

John & Kim Organ
24Brandon Dobyns
25Karen Ward
28Penny Underwood
29  Samantha McCall
31   Mike & Glenda Bayman


The Strawberry Supper is in the works.  Tuesday, June 7th.  It will be carry out only by pre-order.  The final plans will be announced soon

Church Mice & Youth Group

For many, many years the Westville Church family enjoyed walking into the fellowship room and always seeing the room beautifully decorated with seasonal center pieces on the tables.  We simply knew it would always be done and the creative person responsible for this endeavor was Jeanie Faulkner.  Following Jeanie's passing, the thought was entertained that our church would not enjoy this decorated beauty anymore.  However, I think the very first month the decorations were changed and the social room has continued to be seasonably and beautifully decorated at all times.  Our sincere, heartfelt and Joyous Thank You to Jeanie's daughter, Toni Cain, for never missing a beat as the decorations abound for all of us to enjoy!

Hello everyone and welcome to May!  Daffodils are blooming in my yard, and I hope to have tulips next year around our porch. Today is supposed to get to 80 and it was nice yesterday. Spring is showing her head.  Time to sit outside and relax with a delightful book.


Westville March 2022 News

Birthdays & Anniversarys

Sunday May 22nd - Activities & lunch right after church.

Should you want to donate to our Scholarship fund, please place your donation in the offering plate marked "Scholarship"

A Joyous Thank You...

April Church Council Minutes

  • Slowly restarting Wednesday night meals as carry in
  • A new computer and updated system to be purchased for the office
  • A pre-fabricated composit lending free library "Take a book, Share a book" will be placed at the flag pole flower bed
  • A blessing box with non perishable food items may be placed at the flag pole bed also
  • Melanie McKenzie is the steward of the library
  • A list of books in the library will be compiled and tgaken to loca Nursing Homes for those to select and enjoy reading
  • Eli Underwood has made the wooden prayer cross.  You my tie on a colored peid of yarn for a prayer request, and/or tie on a piece of white yarn for answered prayers.  The cross will be placed at the eat end of the hall near the coat rack.
  • A fundraiser and/or donations will be held for Scholarships
  • Plans were discussed to become more involved with Graham school students

Westville UMC

Thank you for your donation of $1000 toward the Tornado Disaster Relief

Mayfield First UMC

Mayfield, Kentucky

CHURCH COUNCIL will meet Monday evening , March 16th at 7pm

Board of Trustees will meet Monday evening, March 16th at 6pm



Westville United Methodist Women​​

The next WUMW meeting will be Wednesday, June 1st at 1pm in the Fellowship Hall.  This is also the first work day for the Strawberry Dinner​​

Dear Church Friends,

On Behalf of our Board of Directors, staff, and myself, I say thank you again for your continued generosity!

As I've expressed before, we absolutely could not do what we are called to do without your help.  Thank you for partnering with us.  As I hope you know, your generosity over the years has helped us aid hundreds of people in our community who are in crisis.

Tara Jordan, Executive Director

During April, I completed shelving and cataloging the Adult Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children’s Fiction, the Music, Audio and Video sections.  I will begin on the Youth section as soon as we get more book pockets in. As of now, we have a total of 886 books, 111 CDs, 16 DVDs in our catalog, not counting Bibles and Bible Resources along with our Youth books. Also, during April, we loaned out 3 books.

A donation we received in April was from the lovely Joyce Luse. She brought us all her tutoring materials that we can use to help students in an after-school program! This could be something we could investigate in the near future. 

We have also been in contact with a few people who would like to donate several boxes of books to our library. I will be coordinating the pickup or drop off these boxes as I understand the boxes are heavy and some boxes contain Children books, yes! Every time we receive a donation, it feels like a birthday or Christmas! 

Stop in and visit our library!  What will be your selection?

In the next month or two, we will install a Little Free Library out near the flagpole. This will be filled with books for children, teens, and adults to borrow and return or they can take a book and leave a book for someone else to read.  This is a great outreach project for our Westville neighborhood.  I will be the steward of this little library and will keep it filled and clean.  Along with being the steward I will be able to join a private Facebook group for stewards only where I can get advice and support from other stewards. I will be able to get special discounts on books, along with ideas on how to keep people interested! Plus, I already have had some great ideas from our church family!

We have two graduating this year

Dena Wilson and Mason MacGillivray

We commend these two on their accomplishment!