Ministry, Mission, Fellowship News

Starting October 2nd, every Wednesday night during the winter months we have a wonderful Fellowship meal at 5:45.  Anyone is welcome to join us for a delightful time of conversation and getting to know others.  

Wednesday's at 6:45 p.m. Bible Study and prayer  led by Pastor Del. 

Are you, like Peter, able to "Get out of the Boat" because you are focused on Jesus and you realize "a fire is burning" in the hearts of the members of the Westville U.M. Church to participate, plan and accomplish?  Yes, there is a need to do different things, such as a book study, a short Bible study, organize events for the church, etc.  Pastor Del is enthusiastic and is looking forward to each of you attending, participating, learning, growing spiritually, providing input and demonstrating that you can Get Out of the Boat!  Pastor Del has already started a Bible Study on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.  If needed, time could change.  We look forward to this group growing as each one realizes his/her importance both on the learning end and the participating end.  Our Fellowship Meals begin in October (Hooray!) and our "Get Out of the Boat" gathering will meet after the meal.

What a Blessing!