How many times did I say thank you Mom or tell you I love you so?
Though you are gone now--how I wish you didn’t have to go

I miss your warm and tender hand and the smile on your face.
there is no one else who could ever take your place.
You are in heaven now which sets my heart at ease.
You are there beside our Savior, the One for whom I live to please.

You spoke to me of a God so great who was always there for me.
I didn’t understand it then but now I finally see.
You were always there for me even when I didn’t know it.
I’ve loved you every day Mom thought at times I didn’t show it.

You saw me through sickness, fears and through the rough times too.
You praised me for my accomplishments in whatever I would do.

And through my teen years--oh, how did you ever survive?
Looking back on some of my antics, I’m surprised I’m still alive.

You were there when my first love ended and my heart was broke in two.
But I knew that I would make it because I still had you.

I remember all those times when we would argue, fuss and fight
It was strange how in the end you were almost always right

You wiped my brow when I had a fever, wiped my tears and calmed my fears
You always stood by me through the good or difficult years.

I see myself now as being a lot like you and I am very glad.
For a better role model I could not have had.

I am proud that you are Mother, as proud as I can be.
And ever so thankful that God made you for me.

Karen Moak May 2009